Welcome to Simon Guitars!

If you have been searching for a unique, eye-catching guitar, with top-of-the-line production standards, limited production runs to ensure high quality, and a sound to complement your singular playing style, SIMON Guitars is your ideal destination!

SIMON Guitars are hand assembled in Fairfax, California, by the owner and founder, Simon Costa. Simon builds or buys parts and bodies, necks and hardware, from around the world, and custom completes every SIMON Guitar. Each SIMON Guitar is hand finished, including wiring looms and hand-cut pickguards, set up to the buyers specifications, including string guages and string heights, and is also guaranteed for life.*

Most of the guitars featured on this site are for sale, direct from SIMON Guitars, and custom orders are welcomed - if one of the guitars here catches your eye, Simon will be happy to custom-build a SIMON Guitar similar to it - you will note that, since the production of SIMON Guitars is very limited, you are assured of owning a unique instrument - and he will endeavor to continue that tradition. Each guitar is sequentially numbered, with a small brass plate on the rear of the headstock, and as time goes by, the earliest models are sure to become collectors' items.

Using bodies of Alder, Poplar, Ash, Maple, Swamp Ash, and even butcher block, the bodies of SIMON Guitars are as diverse as their owners - but with one key similarity - the bodies are paired with appropriate necks, tuners and pickups, to ensure that each one delivers the best tone and "voice" that the owners have been searching for. This is not a mass-produced item - there is no other guitar exactly like yours! It is as unique as you are...

Please scroll through the photos of the currently available SIMON Guitars, and contact us with questions or custom orders. Simon also restores, refurbishes, and repairs guitars - from installing acoustic guitar pickups, to emergency repairs for local musicians, to a complete overhaul of your favorite guitar, Email Simon to describe what you need. Local pickup is available, or shipping through FedEx or UPS.

Fairfax is located in Marin County, Northern California, just North of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the famed city of San Francisco.

*Lifetime guarantee is that should something stop working, if it's a faulty part or was badly installed, I'll repair or replace it.  Obviously, if you do some "Jimi - style" pyrotechnics, a Sex Pistols-type guitar-smash, or some other, idiotic rock-star move that results in damage, two things: I'll repair it, charging you at my cost, AND I'll be fairly circumspect about offering you another Simon guitar to own... I take pride in my guitars, and I'd hope you would too.